Welcome to the new SHORT-KUTS™ Blog and Web Store!


The first post in our shiny new home is meant to get you acquainted with the website and with all of the new stuff we got coming your way.

First of all we want to thank our friends and supporters for encouraging the growth of what otherwise would have stayed as very DYI project. We did not know how we would do it, but we did know that if we did it it would be done right (and that it would take a while to get it done too!).

Since day one, colleagues and people from the industry pushed for us to move into a phase where SHORT-KUTS™ would be available for sale to the public, and in that we succeeded. SHORT-KUTS™ for ScratchLIVE™ are now on laptops around the world (literally, the only continent without SHORT-KUTS™ is Antartica). The feedback? 100% positive! From the incredible quality, durability, design and features of the product to the shipping speed and customer service, the hundreds of people we have heard back from have all raged about SHORT-KUTS™ – we could not be happier!

The amazing thing is that this very initial part of our success has been achieved exclusively via word of mouth and our EBAY store only! Very little marketing has been done to advertise this accessory for digital musicians and DJ’s because we never felt ready to fully tackle the business end of our brand. But that’s about to change with the launch of the official SHORT-KUTS™ website which we needed if we wanted to be taken seriously in a marketing campaign. SHORT-KUTS™ will be available through our store’s Product Section, via EBAY, Amazon, and payments can be made with confidence and tight security via credit card or funds from Paypal and Google Checkout.

In the coming months we will be adding compatibility for various software products and as requested by many we hope to also serve products in various languages and keyboard layouts (AZERTY, QWERTZ, etc). Currently both MAC and PC owners enjoy the benefits of SHORT-KUTS™ Professional Keyboard Overlays on their keyboards, but there are further improvements we plan on making. Additions that offer extended compatibility and usability with Apple laptops are one of our main goals.

Further concepts for hardware products, MIDI technology for musicians and DJ’s along with a store exclusively driven to digital musicians, DJ’s, and “controllerism” artists are in the blue-print stages as well. In other words… we have our plate full!

As DJ’s/Producers/Remixers our purpose is to stay up to date on all the new techie stuff that is changing the way we play and create music. The SHORT-KUTS™ BLOG will be a great source of inspiration for everyone looking to link up to content we find interesting for our customer base and the industry as a whole. We look forward to your comments and hope you will use the SHARE features spread through the website. You can easily email, Tweet, bookmark, subscribe to our RSS Feed and do any other kind of imaginable sharing to just about EVERY social  network in existence!

So thanks again for the support. We hope to hear back from you soon!

~ The SHORT-KUTS Staff.


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