Monday January 22 , 2018


Got a sticky situation?

We don’t come across help requests very often, but should you find yourself needing help with our  website, your order, or the application of SHORT-KUTS™ or ANY other issues, take a look in the Support section:

FAQ Page – For general questions about Payment/Shipping and shipping of your order and for general use and application of SHORT-KUTS™ to your keyboard.
Instructions – View and download the Instructions for SHORT-KUTS™ + Tips from DJ’s.

Tutorials – Check out tricks and tutorials for use of SHORT-KUTS™ and your favorite software

Still can’t get an answer to your question? just get in touch with us! We are here to insure your way into smooth and hassle-free DJing with SHORT-KUTS™.


  1. can this be shipped in the philippines? how much shipping and how many days. thanks

    1. Hello Paul, DJ’s in the Phillipines can order SHORT-KUTS. Shipping time varies and sometimes can be dependent on customs in your country.
      In my experience we’ve seen up to 2 weeks for items to arrive to Southeast Asia with Priority Mail Shipping Service from USPS Postal Service.
      You can find the cost for your shipping by adding items to your cart and then selecting your location before you actually get to the payment page.
      Got more questions? Email to get more answers. Thank you Paul.


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SHORT-KUTS™ Applicator®

Your SHORT-KUTS™ come with a special tool that will help you get each "sticker" in place, nice and straight! No need to touch the sensitive sticky part with your fingers, just use the sharp orange tip on the SHORT-KUTS™ Applicator®

The SHORT-KUTS™ Applicator includes a free sticker (inside the dashed line of the applicator) for your laptop/case/turntable/etc.