Monday January 22 , 2018
RokStories: Welcome to the NEW 2.0!
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Video: TRAKTOR’s Controller Domination

You may be asking: “Why aren’t there SHORT-KUTS™ for TRAKTOR yet?”

And there is a simple answer: You won’t have to wait too long. They are coming! Sign up to our mailing list (see bottom of website) or follow us on Twitter/Facebook and you’ll get the update when we are ready to ship.

Meanwhile we’ll wet your appetite with the latest promotional video that the folks at Native Instruments have released onto the masses.You may have already drooled over your keyboard while watching DJ Rafik 2007 World DMC Champ jammin on the latest NI hardware (more on that after the break)…  but this time long time TRAKTOR supporter DJ Craze is back on the NI set with a pair of sweet-ass gold-plated Technics 1200’s, a Pioneer DJM-909, TRAKTOR PRO, and NI’s most recent addition to their line of exceptional DJ hardware: The X1 Performance DJ Controller.

X1 Fun FactJust a couple of weeks ago, while preparing for a performance, a colleague of ours accidentally dropped his brand spanking new X1 from the top of an elevated DJ Booth at a local lounge. He was glad to report that the 7-foot fall only made a tiny ding on one of the corners of X1’s plastic chassis.


Video: Poor Man’s Serato ScratchLIVE

Nowadays DJ’s have the ability to use their Serato SL3‘s for mixing on 3 decks. You might even have gotten a glimpse of the new Serato Sixty-Eight at your favorite nightclub while a DJ tried to keep all 4 channels occupied with funky beeps, bops, kicks and snares. And I am sure by now you know about the shortcut combo for single turntable DJing which helps you make it through the night if one of your Turntables/CDJ’s stops working, disappears from the back of your Honda Civic as you are trying to load in or simply gets showered in RedBull & Vodka by one of those drunk beauties standing by your table during the night’s celebration.

Assuming you are not that unlucky, your bases are mostly covered thanks to Serato’s ingenuity. But what happens when your Serato ScratchLIVE interface  gets lost or is forgotten because of your rush out the door???  That’s when you hit up this guy for his quick tutorial on something he calls “The Poor Man’s SSL”.


Delmarva Serato ScratchLIVE Summit 2010

ATTN: Serato ScratchLIVE DJ’s in the states of Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Southeastern PA and South Jersey

Just got this on my email yesterday via my homie DJ Blade. I figured I would disseminate the info as quickly as possible eventhough this is happening TOMORROW!

We’ll be there to supply you with SHORT-KUTS™ for ScratchLIVE™ at an exclusive discocunted rate!

Serato Summit Facebook PageSHORT-KUTS™ for ScratchLIVE 2.0 Facebook Page

Serato Summit 2010


May 2 4:00pm


865 North Dupont Highway
Dover, DE 19901

How Much?

Admission is FREE
A donation of $5.00 for snacks/drinks is encouraged.
Donators will receive a special VIP wristband to access food and beverage area.


Welcome to the new SHORT-KUTS™ Blog and Web Store!


The first post in our shiny new home is meant to get you acquainted with the website and with all of the new stuff we got coming your way.

First of all we want to thank our friends and supporters for encouraging the growth of what otherwise would have stayed as very DYI project. We did not know how we would do it, but we did know that if we did it it would be done right (and that it would take a while to get it done too!).

Since day one, colleagues and people from the industry pushed for us to move into a phase where SHORT-KUTS™ would be available for sale to the public, and in that we succeeded. SHORT-KUTS™ for ScratchLIVE™ are now on laptops around the world (literally, the only continent without SHORT-KUTS™ is Antartica). The feedback? 100% positive! From the incredible quality, durability, design and features of the product to the shipping speed and customer service, the hundreds of people we have heard back from have all raged about SHORT-KUTS™ – we could not be happier!


Artist Profile: Kryptonite!

Here’s our first DJ “feature” or “testimonial” for the blog, a recent new friend of the SHORT-KUTS™ family who sent us his feedback via the SHORT-KUTS™ Facebook Fan Page along with some ill shots of his MacBook Pro and SHORT-KUTS™ For ScratchLIVE™ 2.0. Also, Josh happens to be one of the world’s most dedicated Serato Control Record collectors, I dare to say, in the whole planet? More on that at the bottom of this post!

Josh “Kryptonite” McGinn

City: Woodstock, Atlanta

Style: Electronic Music

Age: 30

Tools: 2 Technics 1210M5Gs, 1 Pioneer CDJ-400, Pioneer DJM 800 w/ Innofader, Korg Nano and Kontrol, Video-SL, Ableton Live 8, Zero SL MKII, Launchpad, Macbook Pro 15″ 2.66ghz dual core (unibody), 500gb internal, 8gb RAM, Serato ScratchLIVE™ with SL3, over 200 serato control record collection (at the time of this post)!


SHORT-KUTS 2.0: SP6-Sample Player on ScratchLIVE™

If you used to carry your sampler around to launch samples, airhorns, beats and other such elements while mixing you no longer have to depend on a separate piece of gear to accomplish this tasks. ScratchLIVE 1,9 and above offers 4 banks containing 6 samples each (24 Samples Total) that can be configured every which way and loaded with anything, a mix, a song, a sample, anything.

The new SHORT-KUTS™ for ScratchLIVE 2.0 features new stickers that clearly mark the sampler’s function keys and all new shortcuts available in ScratchLIVE 2.0.

Video courtesy of SERATOHQ


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The SHORT-KUTS™ Applicator includes a free sticker (inside the dashed line of the applicator) for your laptop/case/turntable/etc.