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NEW STOCK AVAILABLE as of 5/30/2011!
SHORT-KUTS™ 2.0 for Serato ScratchLIVE™ 2.0 | US/QWERTY Version for PC/MAC

What’s new with SHORT-KUTS™?
Fresh off the press comes the new and improved SHORT-KUTS™ 2.0 compatible with Serato’s latest 2.0 release. SHORT-KUTS™ are the first and only professional-grade adhesive overlay product available to DJ’s looking to perform with all of Serato’s keyboard commands and benefit from all the new features available in the software. SHORT-KUTS™ for Serato ScratchLIVE™ now incorporate:

• SP6 Sampler keyboard commands
• Auto Loop / Loop Roll commands
• Transifier Loop command
• Wide or thin optional stickers for arrow keys
• Wide or thin optional stickers for shift keys
• Small and large optional stickers for Page Up/Down keys
• Small and large optional stickers for Page Top/Bottom keys
• Small optional stickers for F-Function keys

• “Filler” letter M to keep an even look through the key-set
• Improvement to clarity of various visual elements

Features in Brief:

Optional "small" keys are shown below the standard size keys. Optional keys are included in every package.

Optional keys are included in every package.

• One size DOES fit all… whether you are a MAC fan or feel at home with Windows, you don’t have to choose between computers to maximize use of the features available via the keyboard on Serato ScratchLIVE™ SHORT-KUTS™ are compatible with MAC and PC keyboards of all sizes, including standard desktop keyboards, laptops, and even tiny netbooks!

• Carefully color coded so that you can access commands quickly and easily, even in dimly lit environments. Their finished look is a cool head turning addition to your DJ keyboard.

• Symbology that speaks clearly to new and expert DJ’s alike. Pictures convey ideas clearly and faster than text, that’s why SHORT-KUTS™ combine the power of bold symbols DJ’s can relate to and bold colors to deliver results even while in the heat of the moment.

• Durable Feel and Design that is easy to apply thanks to our free add-on application tool that makes applying each SHORT-KUT a snap!

• Construction and high quality materials cannot be short-cut! SHORT-KUTS™ are made with carefully selected materials and adhesives to extend durability of each sticker’s surface against scratches, water, oil, chemicals, extreme temperatures and other abuses. It’s adhesive base has proven to exceed expectations and longevity in every keyboard we have tried and under abusive conditions. Your SHORT-KUTS™ set should last years if applied correctly, yet if you decide to remove the product, it will come off without damaging the keys or leaving permanent trace if you do it carefully.
*Please read application and removal instructions included in package.

Easy Application

•Advanced DJ’s who already know the keyboard commands but are now using SHORT-KUTS™ will see a sharp reduction in reaction time when needing to access program features via the keyboard. Keyboard use becomes intuitive, like tapping the START/STOP button on your turntable.

• Beginner DJ’s getting started with Serato ScratchLIVE™ commands via the keyboard can do so without heavy memorization or carrying a cheat-sheet. You can get to work quickly and efficiently at the club without worrying about trying to remember what “key combinations” do what… You will see bold keys that stand out with color and bold icons.

Heat rises and for those using laptops (specially laptops without fans) a way to exhaust the heat is absolutely necessary. SHORT-KUTS™ lets you cook up the beats while minimizing the chances of heat being trapped inside your laptop’s chassis.

Future Proofed!

SHORT-KUTS™ provides periodical updates to keep you locked-in and right on pace with any new features available. Usually when new commands are added to the software we are right on top of it or ahead of the game with new SHORT-KUTS™! We even take care of previous customers by providing them discounts on updates to their older SHORT-KUTS™.

The word on the streets

We are DJ’s that expect the best and we are creating tools for DJ’s that demand the best from their equipment and accessories. In the time we’ve existed (since 2006) we’ve earned the trust of hundreds of professionals around the world by achieving one goal: exceed customer expectations. SHORT-KUTS™ are tested, bomb-proofed and expected to exceed in every possible characteristic – if you aren’t pleased we aren’t doing it right. But don’t take our word for it, check out our Gallery where you will find every single bit of feedback we receive from our customers, including their photos. Naturally, we’ve achieved a 100% positive rating in EBAY over where you can view more feedback from tons of satisfied customers.

Bottom line, we are sure you will love your SHORT-KUTS™!

Ordering is Easy!

Just head to the bottom of this page or the right side column and click on the icon for your preferred Quick Checkout payment method –

• Paypal Funds
• Credit Card
• Google Checkout!

It is 100% secure and fast! (If you want to pay via credit card and you are not a Paypal member, no worries, you won’t need to become one if you don’t want to). Your SHORT-KUTS will be shipped same business day for most orders.

Got a sticky situation?

We don’t come across help requests very often, but should you find yourself needing help with your application of SHORT-KUTS™ or ANY other issues, take a look in the Support section.

FAQ Page – For general questions about Payment/Shipping and shipping of your order and for general use and application of SHORT-KUTS™ to your keyboard.

– View and download the Instructions for SHORT-KUTS™ + Tips from DJ’s.

Tutorials – Check out tricks and tutorials for use of SHORT-KUTS™ and your favorite software

Still can’t get an answer to your question? just get in touch with us! We are here to insure your way into smooth and hassle-free DJing with SHORT-KUTS™


  1. Hello I’m french dj and I sell serato with ttm57sl.My probleme is my pc beacause I have a keyboard azerty and not qwerty you have the same shorts Kuts for this keyboard??

    1. SHORT-KUTS for AZERTY and QWERTZ Keyboards will be available very soon, Mr Nemes.

      1. So the stickers for the qwerty keyboard is Available or not ??

        1. QWERTZ SHORT-KUTS are not available yet. Only what you see in the store.

  2. Yay.. waiting for qwertz… 🙂


    1. So the azerty short-kuts is aviable ,?

  3. will this work with a macbook 13″ and how long until delivery?

    1. this product should fit properly with your keyboard, richard. products are usually shipped next business day.

      delivery time to uk varies, seven to fourteen days.

  4. Hey Bis

    Do you do the 2.0’s for a UK keyboard, as this is slightly different to US keyboard?



  5. hello in belgium we have onlu azerty keyboard when could we have you good stickers for our keyboard.

    thank you very much


  6. ive been waiting 3 weeks for mine to arrive

    1. Joel, sorry to get to you so late. Did you email If you still have not received them you should email us. Please send us an email if you still haven’t!

  7. Hi guys,
    does the AZERTY version will come up soon?
    i saw it was under work in may 2010…

    we want some quality shorKUTZ for work 🙂

  8. I’m guessing you don’t make one compatible with Eng/Korean keyboards right?

    I recently bought SL4 and need help with the shortcuts… but the English only stickers would cover up the korean characters

    1. That is correct, you are the first person to request a Korean version. It could be considered based on demand, making one is just not feasible. Thank you Adam.

  9. Bis

    Shame I didnot come up with this U Rock great creation!!!

  10. I use a VCI-300 with Itch 2.0 on a Dell 15R. Do you have stickers for that?

    1. Yes Shawn, SHORT-KUTS should fit your laptop. They are made as one-size-fits-all product which so far has resulted in 100% satisfaction with Laptop/Macbook/Netbook and stand-alone keyboard users around the world.
      For all the details go here:

  11. I have a hp 4530s I cannot find where the purchase area is nor price please help

    1. Go to the “checkout page”.
      Purchase is done thru paypal.
      Your hp 4530s will be happy. And you will too.

  12. I need a full silicone for a PC or Stickers for a PC for Serato DJ.
    Where can I find them?


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