Monday January 22 , 2018

Please refer to this simple instructions when preparing your keyboard and applying your SHORT-KUTS™.
SHORT-KUTS have been designed to withstand the rigors of the road for many years to come. Please take your time and follow these simple steps to insure your SHORT-KUTS™ are properly installed. A special SHORT-KUTS Applicator™ has been provided and a pair of pre-soaked alcohol pads have been included for your convenience.

Download Instructions as PDF file

STEP 1 | Preparation and Cleaning

Turn off your computer, crack an alcohol pad open and TEST your keyboard by cleaning ONE key (shift key for example).
Wait a few minutes to let it dry. Look for discoloration or any other degradation of the key. We have never seen problems while cleaning with alcohol, but we would hate to have yours be the first case.

After you confirm that alcohol is friendly to your keyboard, use the alcohol pad to thoroughly clean each key to remove dust, grease and other accumulated grime that could affect the longevity of the SHORT-KUTS™ adhesive.
Squeeze excess alcohol off your pad if it is too soaked or dripping, you only need to lightly moisten the keys to clean them.
Do no press the keys too hard, the alcohol is efficient in removing gunk so you need not apply a lot of physical pressure on the keys to clean them.

STEP 2 & 3 | Peeling From The Sheet & Applying To Keyboard

Helpful Tips: Applying stickers this small requires a steady hand and a patient mind, so to make the best out of the application process, take your time, be sober, and sit comfortably in a well lit room so that you can see what you are doing.

Peeling SHORT-KUTS™ is easier if you peel from top to bottom of the sheet, and if you’re left-handed peel from the LEFT side to the RIGHT side of the sheet. From RIGHT to LEFT if you are right-handed. This allows you to hold the SHORT-KUTS Applicator™ with your dominant hand and in a position that will facilitate peeling from the sheet and application onto your keyboard.

Removing each sticker should be easy. You should not need to pick at them with your nail. Simply take the sheet and “roll it” with your fingers to make each sticker POP UP (see image below).

SHORT-KUTS will make your keyboard look amazing, as long as you take your time. Avoid rushing or you will have stickers that appeared to have been placed on your laptop by a 5 year old.  😀

Using the SHORT-KUTS Applicator™ gently peel up and away from the sheet by a corner. Only the orange tip of the applicator is needed to make contact with each sticker. This keeps you from leaving oil off your finger onto the adhesive and allows for more accurate application (see below).

After “hooking” the sticker onto the SHORT-KUTS™ Applicator bring it over to your keyboard and carefully align the edge of the sticker to the edge of the key. Set the sticker down with your finger and pull the applicator away. Then rub the sticker down evenly to insure full contact with the key. The adhesive sets immediately.


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SHORT-KUTS™ Applicator®

Your SHORT-KUTS™ come with a special tool that will help you get each "sticker" in place, nice and straight! No need to touch the sensitive sticky part with your fingers, just use the sharp orange tip on the SHORT-KUTS™ Applicator®

The SHORT-KUTS™ Applicator includes a free sticker (inside the dashed line of the applicator) for your laptop/case/turntable/etc.